Sustainable Energy

Biogas helps transform waste, an environmental passive worldwide, into green energy, a sustainable asset.

Green energy is produced in the form of:

  • Biogas/Biomethane/LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)/CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)

Use: Transport, industry

  • Electricity

Use: Grid, own consumption

  • Heat

Use: Grid, own consumption

  • Fertilizer

Use: NPK nutrients that return to the soil.

Anaerobic Digestion is part of the

Waste-2-Energy concept contributing to circular economy.

Biogas (AD) Benefits


  • Sustainable energy – Production Process
  • Substitution of fossil fuels
  • Backup/storage helps to a stable energy matrix.


  • Transform waste liability into profit center (W2E)
  • Increase energy self-sufficiency
  • Promote rural, urban and industrial development.


  • Manure/waste management
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, Methane, SO2, NOx)
  • Reuse of nutrients.