Bio2Watt, South Africa

Following the signing of a supply agreement with energy company Bio2Watt (Pty) Ltd in 2014, BMW South Africa received the first “green” energy at its Rosslyn plant in Pretoria on 10 October 2015. Combigas has, among other things, provided engineering and consultancy in the areas of design, dimensioning, implementation, project management and support of the biogas plant, which is the first viable biogas project in South Africa.

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Vestergaard Bioenergi, Denmark

Vestergaard, a cattle farm in Rødkærsbro in Denmark, today has a large number, of cattle that produce large amounts of manure and cow dung. Vestergaard’s owner made an agreement with a nearby Arla dairy to supply biogas to the dairy and thereby convert agricultural waste into a stable income.

The biogas plant was put into operation in March 2017 and has been running successfully ever since.  The daily operation of the biogas plant is carried out by the farmer himself and a half-time assistant.

Hemmet, Denmark

The biogas plant in West Jutland was built as a decentralized farm biogas plant in 2012. In 2015, an on-site upgrade plant was built with a production capacity of 11 million m3 methane gas per year. The upgrading plant receives gas from three different biogas plants, all located within a radius of 6 km.

The plant has a capacity of approx. 73,000 tons/year consisting of pig manure, cattle manure/deep litter, mink, and poultry manure, chopped wheat straw, grass and corn silage, slaughterhouse and fish waste, glycerin and other. Approximately 4 million m3 of biomethane is produced per year.

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