UN Sustainable Development Goals

Combigas Climate Action

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    Affordable and clean energy

    Combigas aims everyone to have access to reliable and sustainable energy at an affordable price.

    Biogas production is  key element in managing  organic waste. Biogas increasingly contributes to supply the world’s increasing energy consumption.

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    Decent work and economic growth

    In a biogas plant, waste is transformed into energy and thus into a profit.

    In this way waste can contribute promoting sustained and sustainable economic growth by creating jobs.

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    Responsible consumption and production

    Waste is an environmental and health problem in many countries nowadays.

    By processing waste to produce new products and energy, we help saving our natural resources as well as preserve the environment.

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    Climate action

    Action must be taken before global warming leads to irreversible changes in our climate.

    It may threaten the ecosystems on land and water worldwide.